How to check a faulty electric heater

How to check a faulty electric heater

Tools: –   a screwdriver

–   a voltmeter.


1/ connect the radiator to the mains, switch to the Comfort or ON or I position and turn the thermostat button to the Max position. If the radiator does not heat check the fuse or circuit breaker of the supply line. If heater still does not operate, disconnect it from the mains

2/ using a volt-meter, check that the wall connection box receives the electricity.

3/ open the radiator and check all wires, ensuring that all connections are firmly tightened

If discovering any incorrect connection, re-connect the heater to the mains and check again.


4/ check the heating element, the thermal safety cut-out, and the On/Off switch if any:

  • disconnect each element
  • adjust to the Ohm position on the voltmeter
  • apply each pin of the voltmeter to both ends of the contacts of the following components : heating element, thermal safety cut-out and On/Off button (if any)
  • result :   –   if the current goes through, the component is OK

–   if the current does not go through, the component is faulty

5/ In case the heating safety cut-out and On/Off button (if any) are ok but the heater still does not operate, replace the electronic thermostat

NB: if heater is operated through a programmer, checking should be made after having disconnected the heater from the programmer (position button should be on the Comfort position)


When ordering spare parts, please note carefully the indication of the identity plate of the heater and indicate in your request:


  • full reference number
  • power
  • date of manufacturing     (for instance : 2045 = 20th week of the year 2005)

Airelec will exhibit at Mostra Convegno Expocomfort


from Tuesday 18 to Friday 21 March 2014

Fiera Milano

Hall 1, Stand L13-M14

Mostra Convegno Expocomfort is an integrated system where the whole worldwide production and distribution line of the HVAC and plumbing sector come together. It’s an ideal place to reinforce and develop your business relationships and to create new ones.

There are four main sectors: Warmth, Energy, Cooling and Water.

MCE also offers several initiatives including both thorough analysis of technical and industrial issues, with a rich program of conferences, and new meting opportunities for exhibitors and professionals.

We will exhibit on our stand a wide range of product, including: electric radiators, electric radiant panels and a wide range of innovative products including thermodynamic sanitary water tanks and electric boilers.


New : Airedou 3 digital pro is granted of a new electronic control and a new heating element for more comfort and energy-saving.

Created in 1999, Airedou is an electric radiator which combines a cast-iron heating element and a heating front panel. It offers a combination of two heaters for a unique level of comfort and a very economical use of energy. This year, Airélec decided to modernize and improve Airédou.

AIREDOU, a radiator that combines comfort economy and innovation


Airedou 3 Digital Pro has a new cast Iron element « Nouvelle Super Fonte Active 3G » which diffuse an incomparable soft heat. It’s also equipped with a new radiant heating front panel which facilitates fast temperature increases and soft and homogeneous circulation of heat.

Thanks to the new control boxes “ISN +”, the two heating elements are functioning independently and complementary. The cast iron heating element and the radiant panel are subtly functioning.

Those innovations bring a high level of comfort and allow a consistent level of energy saving  : The temperature is more accurate and adapted to outside temperature.

The New Airedou combines a harmonious design and an ergonomic control box

Airedou 3 Digital Pro is granted of a new design: the lines are 20% thinner and the structure has a new geometry for an optimal performance. Thanks to design transformations, Airedou easily fits into a room.

Airedou also integrate a new integrated weekly program, which is customizable and can control others radiators thanks to a pilot wire.

A multitude of innovative options such as “Absence detector”[1], “Open window detector”[2] and “Ideal Temperature Setting”[3], “child lock” [4], “interactive behavioral indicator for temperature adjustment” [5] facilitates the control and the uses of the radiator and brings an optimal temperature in the room.

[1] As long as someone is present in the room, the thermostat setting will remain at the current comfort temperature. If no presence is detected the Airedou will progressively lower the heat to save energy.

[2] This mode automatically shut off the heater when a sudden drop in the room is detected.

[3] The °C ideal button is a one touch setting that brings the thermostat to a default energy saving mode.

[4] This mode locks the access to the control box in order to avoid inadvertent changes in the setting.

[5] This mode allows controlling or adjusting desired temperature.

Airélec, the first manufacturer of electric heaters awarded Made in France label !

The full range of Airélec heaters have been awarded the “Origine France Garantie” label from France, an association created in 2010 that promotes products made in France.

To obtain this label, Airélec appliances had to meet two criteria:

-The products final assembly has to take place in France.

-The products must acquire over 50% of its unit cost price in France.

Top Management of Airélec always seeks to develop a high quality French manufacturing. This award highlights the deep manufacturing roots of Airélec in France. From over 50 years, Airélec designs, develops and manufactures a large range of electric products at Esquennoy (60120 France). Airélec’s heaters are commercialized in France, Europe, Asia and America.

This year, the company become the first manufacturer of electric heaters awarded made in France label. The full range of Airélec’s heaters received the label “Origine France Garantie”, which includes: towel dryers, radiant panel, soft heat radiators, mobile heaters, convectors, bathroom heaters and industrial appliances.

About Airelec :

Airélec is a leading manufacturer of heating comfort systems with over 50 years’ experience in the heating industry.

-250 employees, 200 of them in production

-The factory is located in Esquennoy (60120) France

-The head office is located in Paris

-Internet site :

-Facebook :